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In all discussions about the Middle East by the U.S. mainstream corporate media, there is an incessant bragging that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. In fulfilling its propaganda function, it is not surprising that this media will praise a country as democratic even though it has been occupying by force for several decades a whole country (Palestine) thereby denying millions of people their right of self-determination. It also does not matter to this media that the country so praised as democratic practices the worst form of apartheid that exists in the world today.

The assertion that Israel is unique in the Middle East as a democracy is actually an understatement. Israel is unique in the world as a democracy. It is the only country in the world that practices as democracy which would otherwise, objectively speaking, be termed fascist totalitarianism. Consider some of these observations regarding Israel:


“Out of 213 violations involved shootings, shellings, bombings and missile attacks (against the PRESS), 204 were carried out by Israelis, four by Palestinians, and five by unknown perpetrators. Many Palestinian broadcasting stations were effectively censored due to shutdown by order of authorities (Israeli and Palestinian) or because of (Israeli) missile or bombing attacks. Journalists have been jailed for several months at a time by the Israelis without even being charged with an offense. All Palestinian journalists have been denied Israeli press cards by Israel’s Government Press Office and have thus been severely obstructed in carrying out the duties of their profession. By the stroke of a pen, around 450 media professionals, or the press corps of a whole nation, have therefore been disabled by a foreign military occupying power from reporting freely on dramatic and momentous events in their own home country.”, INTERNATIONAL PRESS INSTITUTE REPORT

The United States, following Israel’s lead as occupier is doing the same in Iraq:

“Reuters has told the US government that American forces’ conduct towards journalists in Iraq is “spiralling out of control” and preventing full coverage of the war reaching the public. The detention and accidental shootings of journalists is limiting how journalists can operate, wrote David Schlesinger, the Reuters global managing editor, in a letter to Senator John Warner, head of the armed services committee. The Reuters news service chief referred to “a long parade of disturbing incidents whereby professional journalists have been killed, wrongfully detained, and/or illegally abused by US forces in Iraq”. ….US forces admitted killing three Reuters journalists, most recently soundman Waleed Khaled, who was shot by American soldiers on August 28 while on assignment in Baghdad. But the military said the soldiers were justified in opening fire. Reuters believes a fourth journalist working for the agency, who died in Ramadi last year, was killed by a US sniper.”JULIA DAY OF THE GUARDIAN

Wanted to pick and choose who leads the Palestinians, being unhappy with its leadership under Arafat (CBS News)

Murdered the United Nation’s Peace Mediator, Count Bernadott (in 1948), when it didn’t agree with his diplomatic efforts, never bringing the assassins to justice (even though Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel knew that the Stern Gang (an Al Qaeda-like Jewish organization was responsible). The mission to assasinate Bernadotte was organized by Yitzhak Shamir, who later became Prime Minister of Israel

Had a Prime Minister (Menachim Begin) wanted for terrorism (by the British Government). Begin’s Irgun was another Al-Qaeda-like Jewish terrorist group.


Blows up civilian hotels (Jerusalem’s King David Hotel- killing 91 and the Semiramis Hotel) in the “Oklahoma City” fashion, while preaching these days that “terrorism” is “never” justified (Natanyahu,”the evangelist” talking on the Christian Broadcasting Network, Nov.2002)

Uses F-16s, Attack Helicopters, tanks (over 300 in civilian camps ) and thousands of troops, to attack civilian towns and civilian vehicles. Uses live ammunition at stone-throwing Palestinian youth, and practices assassinations in broad daylight in civilian marketplaces. Of all Palestinians killed during curfews by the IDF, over 80% have been children according to B’TSELEM – The Israeli Center for Human Rights (Oct 16, 2002 Report).

“The Israeli security forces who carry out the extrajudicial executions offer no proof of guilt, no right of defence,” said Amnesty International. “The Israeli authorities are showing an utter disregard of the right to life.”


Image from the Qana Massacre by the Israeli “Defense” Forces
April 18th, 1996 in Southern Lebanon
Qana was a civilian refugee camp

Is illegally occupying land by use of force, in clear violation of United Nations Resolutions, and continues to expand illegal settlements while demolishing Palestinian homes.

Under article 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention Israel is prohibited from establishing settlements: “The Occupying Power shall not transfer parts of its own civilian population into territories it occupies”

Under Articles 35 & 49 of the 4th Geneva Convention it is forbidden to deport or “forcibly transfer,” the local population, including such common Israeli practices as revoking the Jerusalem residency of Palestinians or banning Palestinians from returning from work, study or travel abroad

Under the Fourth Geneva Convention Occupying Powers are prohibited from destroying Palestinian property or employing collective punishment. Article 53 reads: Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private personsis prohibited.” Under this provision the practice of demolishing Palestinian houses is banned, as is the wholesale destruction of the Palestinian infrastructure.

Since 1967, Israel has created a “Greater” Jerusalem which controls the entire central portion of the West Bank and cuts economic heart out of Palestinian state. While constructing 90,000 housing units for Jews in East Jerusalem, the municipality has intentionally created a shortage of 25,000 housing units for Palestinians. The goal is three-fold: (1) to maintain a 72%-28% majority of Jews over Arabs a racist policy that no Jews in the world would accept; (2) to confine the Palestinian population to small islands the Arabs make up a third of the Jerusalem population, but only have access to 7% of the urban land; and (3) to ultimately force them out of the city

United Nation’s Resolution 1998/32 (at the 45th plenary meeting, 29 July 1998) – Economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation on the living conditions of the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territory, including Jerusalem, and the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan – states categorically under point 5 (see link to 1998/32 above for complete text):

Direct Quote “5. (The UN) Also reaffirms that Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, including Jerusalem, and the occupied Syrian Golan, are illegal and an obstacle to economic and social development.”


Gathers sympathy for itself via the holocaust “industry” (even after reparations have been paid) but practices genocide and apartheid on the Palestinians in a manner similar to South Africa and genocide like the Nazis (REUTERS report by Jeffery Heller 03/13/2002 & The Post, Dublin, Ireland,14 April, 2002).

Actively creates “facts on the ground” causing derailment of any hope for peace and immense human suffering. All this to fulfill Zionist aspirations of annexing the entire West Bank as Yertz Yisrael (the Land of Israel).

“…”Metropolitan Jerusalem,” which I later learned encompasses not just the city of Jerusalem, but 40 percent of the West Bank, including large Palestinian towns and villagesRamalla, El Bireh, Beit Sahour, Bethlehem and Beit Jalla, to name a few.

What one has to understand about Jerusalem is that it is being transformed from a city into a larger region by the Israeli government. This has three effects: It divides the northern part of the West Bank from the southern part; isolates Jerusalem’s Palestinian population from fellow Palestinians and; creates a corridor from Tel Aviv to Amman, Jordan. All of this ensures Israeli control over any Palestinian state that might emerge from the “peace process.”

Gonsalves, February 13, 2001 edition of the Cape Cod Times.

Has disregarded for over five decades, United Nation’s Resolutions, including the Resolutions that condemned it for “breaking” the Resolutions (# 517 and # 673), yet no “regime change” demands have been brought against it.(See, MEDIA MONITOR )

Cries loud and clear about individual cases of suicide bombings (caused by conditions of hopelessness and anomie that it has directly caused in the camps) yet has killed, on average, 3 to 4 Palestinians for every Israeli that is killed (before the current uprising, the ratio was much higher). (New York Times, 3/12/2002, Front Page Story).Summary Tables

Gets over $ 3 Billion dollars in aid from the U.S (60% of which is military), which is 1/3 (one part in three) of TOTAL U.S aid given on earth, yet it comprises 1/1000 (one part in one thousand) of the world’s population. At the same time Israel holds Palestinian back-taxes, further impoverishing a people they have made homeless (see BBC)

Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. If divided by today’s population, that is more than $5,700 per person. This is an estimate by Thomas Stauffer, a consulting economist in Washington. For decades, his analyses of the Middle East scene have made him a frequent thorn in the side of the Israel lobby. For the first time in many years, Mr. Stauffer has tallied the total cost to the US of its backing of Israel in its drawn-out, violent dispute with the Palestinians. So far, he figures, the bill adds up to more than twice the cost of the Vietnam War. And now Israel wants more…( Christian Science Monitor, December 9, 2002 )

Attacked and almost sank a US Navy ship, the USS Liberty , killing 34 US Sailors, and wounding 171.

body of secrets bamford

“Bamford writes that while the Israelis were attacking the Liberty, an American spy plane overhead, a Navy EC-121, overheard and recorded Israeli conversations. The results are devastating. The Israelis were unaware that anyone was listening, and their pilots talked openly about seeing an American flag on the ship they were attacking.”

After the Egyptian Revolution of 1954 when U.S. and Egyptian relations were improving, Israel started a “terror campaign” aginst U.S. government officials and businesses in Egypt. The campaign was eventually broken and led to the resignation of the Ben-Gurion government in 1961. This Israeli “terror campaign” against the U.S. is rememberd as the Lavon Affair.

Was caught spying on the US, remember Jonathan Pollard?
“One document Pollard is believed to have slipped to the Israelis –thought to have landed in Soviet hands, albeit unintentionally– was a huge compendium of frequencies used by foreign military and intelligence services [which] cost the U.S. billions of dollars but Pollard rendered . . . useless [and, by compromising it] may have cost informants their lives.” (Time magazine, Dec. 13, 1993)

jonathan polard israel spy

Even after Pollard, FOX NEWS reported on the Israeli White House spying during the Clinton era and the “spies” that were detained after September 11th, who had prior knowledge of the event but did not inform the US authorities, showing complete disregard for American lives


Labels anyone speaking out against its inhumane policies an Anti-Semite while actively pressuring our U.S media and capitalizing on the anti-Islam sentiment generated after 9-11.


The problems between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East is not a 2000 year old problem. It is not a religious problem. The golden years of Jewery were in 12th century Andalusia under Muslim rule, at a time when Christians were persecuting them as “Christ killers”. Anti-Semitism was a European-Christian phenomena not related to Arabs and Muslims.

The problems between Arabs and Jews started when the Jewish minority in historic Palestine wanted to bring in immigrants from all over the world to change the demography of the region (1917) and to displace the indigeneous Arab residents.


The charge of anti-semitism applied to the conflict is historically, geographically, religiously and ethnically misplaced.

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