How long does it take for the gems to be added to my account?

Typically, it takes between 10 to 15 seconds for the gems to be added onto the account after the process is completed.

Will I get banned for using the Clash of Clans hack?

The answer is no. We’ve implemented an anti ban system into the hack tool so you don’t need to worry about receiving a ban or becoming penalized in game.
Do I need to be jailbroken?

You won’t need to be jailbroken as none of the hack is taking place on the device itself, instead, all of it is taking place on the site.
Can I run the hack multiple times?

Yes! Once downloaded you can use the hack however many times you would like.
Why do I have to complete a survey to download the Clash of Clans cheats?

If we were to upload the hack to a regular server, our cheats would become patched and it would no longer work. We put the server to help stop leechers from draining our site and patching the hacker.
Will I get a virus?

No, you can go ahead and scan the virus before opening it. No viruses are inside the file!

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